"Who Else Wants to Start Conversations,
be Comfortable at Small Talk  & Make Friends Fast?"

You can with the
Conversation Success System

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  • Easily walk up to people and start conversations

  • Be more valuable to your company by improving your likability and customer service skills.

  • Feel confident and relaxed as you overcome Shyness

  • Walk into Job Interviews with Confidence and leave a great impression.

  • Confidently talk with virtually anyone.

  • Leave a great impression with dates, business associates, friends, strangers and customers. 

  • Quickly make friends and build lasting relationships.

Tuesday, 5:25 P.M.
From the Desk of Austin Barnes

Dear Friend,

At one time I dreaded entering new situations. Shyness was like a pair of handcuffs limiting my social success. Social situations were uncomfortable. During high school I had few friends. When I first started in face to face sales, I struggled. 

This all changed....

I knew there was a direct link between success and people skills. Enthusiastically I started researching and observing.  I wanted to learn what  makes a person have great conversation skills. How does a person have a magnetic personality.

Hundreds of hours was spent researching, thinking, and observing successful people. I discovered techniques, tips, and secrets. What I learned I started to apply.

It began to happen...

My Conversation skills improved. I was able to break free from shyness.  It was like someone had an I.V. of confidence hooked up to me.  I could walk up to complete strangers and start conversations.

People started making comments like:
Enjoyed talking with you.

You are good at conversation.

You are not shy

I began to see other results...

 Socially, I made many friends.  My income shot up as my skills with customers improved. I could quickly connect with customers and many became friends.

My dating life was as success!

 I began to share this information with others.

A College Student Said...

"You should write a book!"

She was not the only one.  As others were helped, they said similar statements.

However, I wanted to be different. There are plenty of books out there. Instead I wanted to create a system that would show you step-by-step how to improve your abilities.

I set to work and created the Conversation Success System. It brought together years of experience, research, and observation


The Conversation Success System is Unique

  • The information is broken down into 7 steps for maximum retention and quick application. Each secret and key is explained and real life situations are given.
  • It will show you step by step how to improve your conversation skills fast.
  • Contains advanced information to upgrade your existing skills.
  • Guaranteed to work with everyone from shy individuals, to those who already have good conversation skills. Whether you are a college student, business Professional, teenager, or parent, this is guaranteed to improve your skills.
  • You will instantly download this system in PDF format and read and listen it on your computer. No waiting or paying for shipping. This is not a printed book.
This system quickly equips you to improve your conversation skills. Your friends and soon to be friends will be amazed.
Here is some of what you will find in the The Conversation Success System.

The Video Training
Improve Your Conversation
Skills in One Hour

Imagine that in 60 Minutes you will be in one of these real life situations:
  • Going on a date with a special person.
  • Interviewing for a new job.
  • Attending a meeting
  • Going to a party or social event.
  • Riding two hours in a car with another individual.
  • Attending a school activity where you know few people.
Fact: In Less than an Hour you can easily improve your Conversation Skills so that you will be able to:

  • Confidently start conversations.
  • Conquer shyness.
  • Be an enjoyable person to talk with.
  • Make friends
  • Evaporate the silent pauses in conversation
  • Comfortably carry on a conversation.
  • Be likable and a person others want to be around.
  • Leave a Great Impression
This  video shows you step-by-step how to improve your conversation skills in less than an hour. You will learn 5 secrets.

Secret #1: Reveals how to be a friendly person that other people want to be around.
  • Learn how you can develop a magnetic personality that attracts friends.
  • Became a person others want to talk with and increase your popularity
Secret #2 Shows you how to instantly become a confident person who laughs at shyness.
  • Learn the mindset you must have to be great at conversation.
  • Discover how to feel confident in under three seconds. It really works!
  • Know how to think and act like a confident person who is great at conversation.
  • Apply 3 Keys and Unleash your Confidence. Imagine feeling confident in social situations.
Secret #3 Gives you the key to unlocking the door to confidently talking with anyone.

  • Discover the secret that will turn you into a master at small talk and conversation overnight.
  • Learn just one word and always know what to say!
  • Learn the spotlight technique and how it will evaporate shyness and make you great at conversation.
  • Much more...
Secret #4 Teaches you how to quickly start conversions and keep them flowing.
  • Learn the CQ method for starting conversations. Start conversations as easily as you turn the microwave on.
  • Easily come up with topics in conversations and leave a great impression
  • Much more...

In the past I have had extreme difficulties in taking part in conversations. I have always had a problem with knowing what to say and what input to give to a conversation.

After reading your info this has all changed and my conversation skills have gotten a lot better. I can now join conversations with ease. This feels great! 

J. I. 

Secret #5 Equips you with a simple technique that will guarantee you always have fuel for conversation (Almost no one uses this).

So Powerful...

These secrets are so powerful that if you just use one it will dramatically improve your conversation skills.

    The information contained in Instant Conversation Skill has changed my life and helped enable me to be successful in my career.

The Training Guide
Step by Step to Keys to Unlock Your Ability to Confidently Talk with Anyone, Make Friends, and Conquer Shyness

Advanced info for Starting Conversations

  • Learn a 2 - step method that starts conversations as easily as you start a car.
  • Know exactly what to say after "Hello".
  • Discover how to take a conversation from silence to smooth jazz in 90 seconds.
  • Conquer shyness.
  • Walk into rooms filled with strangers and confidently start conversations.

"It  has made me more confident when meeting strangers!"

 J. S. 

Engage in Interesting and Enjoyable Conversation

  • Memorize this one word and always know what to say.
  • Discover two techniques to keep a conversation flowing like a gentle stream.
  • Learn 7 questions to energize any conversation.
  • Become a great listener by using two steps.
  • Find out the secret to being great at conversation and never be boring.

Leave a Positive Impression

  • Learn a 2-step method for ending conversations smoothly.
  • Discover one technique which makes a person appear wise and smart.
  • Find out how key #4 will virtually guarantee you leave a great impression.

Become a Person others Enjoy Talking with and being Around

  • Discover the 5 things which turn people off.
  • Instantly put yourself in a good mood with this simple technique.
  • Learn the secret to making people like you.
  • Find how to use body language to make yourself approachable.
  • Discover three ways to become a likable person.

Easily Make Friends and Build Relationships

  • Friendships happen when you have this one ingredient.
  • Learn to connect with people quickly and easily.
  • Discover how to use your conversation skills to build relationships with family, friends, and co-workers or class mates.
  • How to use listening to improve marriages and relationships.

Conquer Shyness and Experience Freedom

  • Find out what shyness really is and how to break free.
  • Learn two principles which will enable you to conquer it.
  • Learn how to gain instant confidence.
The Conversation Success System will put you on the path to experiencing many benefits.

Overcoming Shyness

70% of people are shy. You may be in this category. People laugh when I tell them I have battled shyness. I get comments like, "I don't believe that."

 My point is that the content of Conversation Success System it has helped me overcome my shyness.

"More money and Career Advancement"

Recently a book came out called the Likability Factor.  In it the author stated that his research showed that if all things were equal, those who were more likable were less likely to be fired or laid off. In addition it helped in promotions.

Great conversation skills and having a magnetic personality can put money in your pocket.


Audio Training (MP3 Format)

Enhance your Conversation Skills with 10 Questions / Answers

How do I easily start conversations?
  • Quickly start conversations with a two step method. 
  • How to leave shyness in the corner and strike up a conversation with virtually anyone.
How can I break free from shyness?
  • Discover a simple key that will allow you to conquer shyness and say "Yes!" to Social Success.
  • Be less shy by next week.
What is the #1 Secret to being great at conversation?
  • Learn the secret that is so powerful that Dale Carnige said you can make more friends in two months applying it that two years not applying it.
  • Get ready to hear people tell you, "You have good conversation skills."
How can I quickly gain confidence in any situation in just seconds?
  • Magic technique will give you confidence whether you are speaking in front of 500 or meeting one person.
  • People will notice an instant change in your confidence level.
What is one secret that will help me always have a topic for conversation?
  • Never be tongue tied again.
  • Within 5 seconds of applying this secret you will have dozens of questions/topics in any conversation.
What is the key to keeping a conversation flowing smoothly?
  • Evaporate silent pauses with this simple technique.
  • Confidently keep a conversation flowing and impress others.
How can I quickly improve my skills and become great at conversation?
  • Amazing technique will reprogram your mind and actions to those of a Conversation master.
How can I successfully talk with the the opposite Sex?
  • Discover how to comfortably talk with the opposite sex.
  • Energize your dating and romantic relationships with 6 tips.
  • Leave a great impression in business and casual relationships
What are 5 mistakes people make in conversation?
  • You can kill a conversation with these five mistakes. Discover how to avoid them now!
How do I develop a likable personality?
  • Learn the key to being likable. 
  • Improve your success in dating, business, relationships, and life! 

Bonus #1
 117 Questions to Start Conversations and Build Relationships

  • The key to impressing people is showing interest by asking questions. These questions will make you an interesting person to talk to.
  • Impress people with your great questions.
  • Do you really want to get to know someone? Ask them these questions.
  • Move conversations past shallow talk to fun, interesting conversation.


    Bonus #2
    Improve Your Conversation Skills in 7 Minutes

    By Austin Barnes

        Quickly learn 4 tips to instantly super charge your conversation skills. You will have these four tips learned within minutes. But...

    You will be experiencing the benefits for days and years to come.
    • Instantly appear and feel confident.
    • Keep a conversation flowing like a smooth gentle brook.
    • Leave a great impression as you zap pockets of conversation silence.
    Short on time? You will be ready and confident in 7 minutes.


    What Readers Are Saying...

    It gave me the tools to be more confident in a conversation.

    I enjoy it's free and easy to understand style. It has made social settings a lot easier to handle.
    Thank you so much for such an informative and useful ebook.  

     Although I had some knowledge of conversational skills from previous training, I gained a wealth of information and "how to" application that proved to be invaluable.  It started from the very basics and was easy to follow.

    It was very helpful.

    The has system has made me more confident in handling typical situations, and somewhat more outgoing.

    It's been a huge help. I did see an immediate improvement with my conversation skills. I teach a recreational sport for a living and so I do a lot of face  to face presentations which I need to keep fun, and this is invaluable

    Clearly written and offers superb advice
    I have more confidence talking to people and appear more relaxed

    My self confidences is increasing.

    The first day I got the ebook I felt quite a bit better and more comfortable.

    The system pretty much covered all the bases for me, so nothing else need's to be added. I enjoyed all the valuable advice that the Conversation Success System supplied.

    The information contained in the Conversation Success System has changed my life and helped enable me to be successful in my career.

    I am so confident it will help you that I am giving the following guarantee:

    The Conversation Success System will improve your ability to attract friends, confidently talk with anyone, and improve your likability


    I will expect you to ask for your money back.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

    Instant access
    You will download the Conversation Success System immediately.
    There is no shipping or waiting.
    Let the Conversation Success System transform your life.  

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    Invest in yourself. Put yourself on the Path to more Confidence, Friends, Likability, and being Successful at Conversation.

    PS. Don't delay.  Learn to Confidently Talk with Anyone, attract friends and leave a great impression.
    PSS.  With my "You will be helped or I expect you to ask for your money back" guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Remember, you will have instant access and will download immediately.

    Have a Great Day,

    Austin Barnes - Conversation Expert

    PS. In one hour you can improve your conversation skills and be able to confidently talk with anyone. You have nothing to lose.